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Mara North Conservancy Masai Mara

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Ngare Serian Overview

Ngare Serian’s intimacy makes it perfect for a group of friends, or family… Don’t forget to book a night in ‘The Nest’, our tree house.


  • One of just 11 member camps in the private and exclusive Mara North Conservancy.
  • 4 vast, spacious tents.
  • All tents set on hardwood decking, above the Mara River with views over the Oloololo Escarpment.
  • Each has an adjoining bush bathroom with hot and cold running water, flush toilet, and a shower.
  • Luxurious bathtubs are built into the veranda decking, with a view over the river.
  • 24hr electricity on a combination of solar and generator.
  • Its boutique style and intimate nature make it perfect for families or small groups.
  • Hosted dining en famille, in our cosy dining room or on the lawn by the water.
  • Exclusive use of 4WD Safari vehicle and dedicated guide and spotter.
  • No Wi-Fi available.

‘Ngare’ translates to ‘by the river’ in the Masai language, and the idea behind this snug little camp was to transport the serenity of the original Serian camp to the water’s edge. Hugging the banks of the Mara, Ngare Serian is cosy and intimate. It can only be reached on foot, over a narrow rope bridge – and in a way the crossover is symbolic: a call to step out of touch and out of time, and give yourself over to the natural charm of the place. There’s something special about being on the water’s edge – the water slipping and sloshing over the stones sets a soothing soundtrack, but at the same time its energy and movement lends lightness and life – green shoots, verdant growth and glossy rocks that metamorphose into hippos.


Ngare Serian consists of only 4 tents, and this intimacy makes it perfect for hosting a family holiday, or gathering a group of friends.The tents are dotted along the riverbank, decked out in style with Zanzibar four-poster beds and open bathrooms overlooking pods of hippo.Take a leaf out the hippos’ book: lounge languidly, soaking up the sights and sounds of the bush from the bathtub built into your veranda decking. 


  • Open all year round.
  • Set in our own 1,500-acre private and exclusive Conservation area, not far upriver from Ngare Serian.
  • 2 cosy nest-shaped double beds, plus plenty of space for additional bedrolls for kids.
  • Built 12ft up into a Warburgia tree, out on a limb overlooking the Mara River.
  • Book a romantic night in The Nest in the middle of your stay at Serian or Ngare Serian.

What We Do At Ngare Serian

As everyone is automatically allocated their own private vehicle when they stay with us, it only makes sense to complement this with a top-class guiding team.To optimise your experience, our guides work together with a spotter: an invaluable extra pair of eyes to ceaselessly scan the landscape while your guide focuses on navigating the terrain, and translating the inner workings of the wilderness to you.In this way, ‘book-knowledge’ plus an ancient system acquired over an age of living the wild life interweaves seamlessly to form a rich tapestry of knowledge to share
  • Follow “The Great Migration”.
  • Exclusive use of specially prepared Safari Vehicle and guide, giving you total flexibility.
  • Fly camping.
  • Walking Safaris.
  • Specialist Guides. Photographers, Ornithologists,Trails Guides.
  • Unlimited Game drives.
  • Night drives, bush dinners.
  • Learn about Bush lore and culture.
  • Photography and photographic workshops.
  • Ballooning.

The ancestral ritual of communal fireplace and dining – the essence of sharing… we are social animals, and part of what makes things vivid and real to us is our capacity to share: the joy is dissecting your day, raking over the delicious details and unwrapping the delights over and again, over the fundamentally communal experience of breaking bread. It’s also part of absorbing and storing memories – the re-telling and re-living makes it more vivid, and sets the place of the experience in our minds. The evening is for digesting and processing the day.

Ngare Serian Rates 2023

Non Resident rates per Person per Night
Per Adult Sharing1,4101,060
Child(5-15 Years695525

Mara North Conservancy Fee: $150 Adult & $75 Per Child(Children under 5 Years are Fee)


  • Green Season:-Jan 6 – June 30  October 1 – Dec 15th
  • Regular Season:Rest of the year

Rates Includes:

  • Full board accommodation and all drinks
  • Walking, sundowners, picnic and bush meals
  • Exclusive use of 4WD vehicle, private guide and spotter, unlimited game drives and airstrip transfers.
  • Daily laundry services
  • Photographer in residence (Seasonal)
  • A night in the Nest (Our Treehouses – Subject to availability)

Rates Excludes

  • All conservancy fees (per 24 hrs). Add extra for MMNR, alternatively add a couple nights at Nkorombo.
  • Internal flights
  • Gratuities
  • Items of personal interest
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Mara North Conservancy

The Mara is Kenya’s natural extension of Tanzania’s Serengeti plains. Although best known for the spectacular wildebeest migration, Mara teems with an abundance of animals all year round. Outside migration season, October to mid-December and February to June are blissfully empty, boasting the best game-viewing in Africa: proximity, accessibility and sheer variety of game, condensed in a small space.

Serian  sits within the 80,000 acres of Mara North Conservancy, to which only a handful of others have access. Exclusive and private, we are one of the founding members and management. Off-road and night-driving, riding and walking are all great ways to explore this zone. What’s remarkable here is Nature’s opulence: the landscape ranges from secret knots of woodland to wide open plains, to caches of rocks and boulders, to flat expanses of vastness, edged by sharp inclines of escarpment. For kids and older people especially, the ease of having everything right on your doorstep means you don’t have to drive all day – an early morning expedition yields plenty. As the sun’s rays extend, tender shoots glisten with jewel-like dew and the mist lifts off the forested areas, unveiling frisky antelope revelling in the day’s freshness. Like portly Cinderellas, hippo plod back to the mud after a night under the stars, and hyena slope across the savannah to sleep off a night of cackling and whooping. Cruise on a little further, and you might see the big cats the Mara is famous for, basking and golden as the sun gathers strength.

The Mara North Conservancy was set up to ensure that its Masai landowners profit directly from the tourism that the Conservancy attracts… Camps pay land rent, employ locally, and bring in tourists paying park fees: all sources of income that forestall the use of land for, say, development or agriculture instead. It also showcases the (monetary) profits of keeping the Mara pristine and wild, without just being about preservation for preservation’s sake.

Ngare Serian takes it a step up on the exclusivity ladder: perched on the edge of Mara North Conservancy, it borders our own personal 1,500 acres, which is ours to use for spectacular walking. The intimacy and seclusion of this little camp is beautifully complemented by the luxury of a slice of wilderness where you won’t see another soul.


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