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Bush & Beyond Adventure Safari

Imagine arriving at an airstrip, being collected in a helicopter and being dropped at a location where you meet a remote camp already set up for you with horses to ride and camels to carry the camp equipment.  Or quad biking down a dry river bed, fishing on Mt Kenya, deep sea fishing off the Kenyan coast – Kenya is the perfect playground for those looking for a bit of adventure.

Adventure Safari Destinations

Ol Malo Nomad-Samburu Country

Adventure Safari-Sample Itinerary

Days 1-2 Samburu County, Northern Kenya

Upon arrival at Loisaba airstrip you will be met by the Ol Malo Nomad helicopter and flown further into the wilderness. When you land at your starting location you are met by Chyulu Francombe with the Ol Malo Nomad team and caravan of camels. Spend the following days traversing the ancient migration routes of Samburu county by foot or on horseback. Meet the local communities, learn and experience their traditions unchanged for hundreds of years. The camp is moved by camels and ready to meet you each evening.

Sit around a fire under the stars, cooking supper and regaling the day’s adventures, before settling back in a comfortable bed under a blanket of stars lulled to sleep by the sounds of the African night.

Days 3-5 Ol Malo Lodge

After two nights out with the Ol Malo Nomad fly camp, you will arrive at Ol Malo (or alternatively get picked up by helicopter). After days spent exploring kick back and enjoy the superb comforts, hospitality and privacy of the Francombe home.  Soak in a bath on top of the cliffs looking out over the wilderness. Experience ranch life with the Francombe family and learn about the areas history through the Francombes’ first hand experience and personal stories.

Days 6-7 Exploring the north

This morning you will set off in the Ol Malo Nomad helicopter and head West.

After dropping down four thousand feet into the Great Rift Valley, ‘the cradle of mankind’ you will fly through the incredible timeless landscape, landing wherever looks exciting to walk, explore and picnic. Here are Kenya’s wildest and most beautiful playgrounds which very few people ever get to see, let alone play in. Today feels like a full safari in itself, such is the changing landscape one feels as though you have traveled across countries, exploring mountains to sand dunes, salt flats teaming with vibrant flamingos and untouched expanses.  Spend the following day exploring ancient lake islands,

the wonderful bird life and fishing for the elusive ‘Jade Sea Giants’.

Day 8 Departure
The helicopter will fly you back to Loisaba for your schedule flight to your next destination. 

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