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The words ‘exclusive’ and ‘luxurious’ are often exaggerations; at the Mara Bushtops they fit like a hand and glove. A Fully-inclusive safari experiences in Kenya!

Mara Bushtops Luxury Tented Camp Kenya

An unforgettable haven

Mara Bushtops has been designed to blend into its surroundings, minimising its visual and environmental impact, whilst providing every comfort to its guests. 12 spacious and fabulously appointed luxury tents (think of a 5-star hotel room, under canvas) can be found by following private paths from a shared space, to secluded havens of privacy and calm.

The best view in the Masai Mara

The Mara Bushtops private conservancy is a wonderland of wildlife and the best bit lies just yards from your tent. The Camp is the only one in the Mara to have a substantial natural salt lick – directly in front of the restaurant and spa.

Animals love it, arriving throughout the day and night in search of the minerals needed for healthy bones. This creates a constantly shifting nature show, as gazelle jostle with warthogs, zebra and impala, topi and buffalo. Herds of elephant can be joined by up to 40 giraffe at a time – with leopards and lions in attendance. What a privilege. What a sight!

A hidden gem-The Kayaki Cave

We’re used to surprises in the Bush, but sometimes we get left open-mouthed. We had been running Mara Bushtops for 10 years before discovering that our Conservancy held a secret: the Kakiya cave.Discovered by the Mau Mau in the 1950s, it now forms part of everyday Masai tribal life.

The name means the place of eating and drinking, but your Masai spotter will explain its wider history, including ancestor worship and animal sacrifices and initiation ceremonies. It is still used for rituals and preparing traditional medicines, using Orange leaf crotons, the sickal bush, combretum molle roots and more.

The Amani Spa-The Perfect Peace in the Wild

The World Luxury Spa Awards declared Mara Bushtops to have the ‘best safari spa in Africa’ three years in a row. Why? It’s partly due to our Amani Spa’s location, overlooking wildlife at our salt lick. Then there’s the design, creating an oasis of peace and tranquillity. And of course, luxurious pampering, using natural ingredients. Find out for yourself – and feel a world of cares slip from your shoulders.

There is nowhere quite like Mara Bushtops

From the comfort and privacy of vast decked tents, guests gaze out over a private conservancy and constant procession of wildlife. Fully reconnected, they relax in perfect contentment, looking forward to glorious safaris, fine dining and world-class pampering.Bushtops tents are simply extraordinary!

Mara Bushtops Luxury Tented Camp

Mara Bushtops Camp spared no expense in creating them, making each a destination in its own right. Opening on three sides, the 12 fabulously appointed tents are named after the wildlife which can be seen wandering past the Camp (or sometimes through it). Bounded by more than a hundred square metres of private wooden decking, these tents are places to rest, enjoy a private meal, dream in a hot tub or simply relax under a canvas canopy – with views no hotel could hope to match.blend peace with adventure. The camp has won several awards for its safari spa and wild luxury services…..

Bushtops Mara



Luxury Tents

Bushtops tents are simply extraordinary. The Camp  spared no expense in creating them, making each a destination in its own right.

Opening on three sides, The Bushtops 12 fabulously appointed tents are named after the wildlife which can be seen wandering past the Camp (or sometimes through it).

Bounded by more than a hundred square metres of private wooden decking, these tents are places to rest, enjoy a private meal, dream in a hot tub or simply relax under a canvas canopy – with views no hotel could hope to match.

  • Panoramic views
  • Huge wooden deck with hot tub
  • Bushtops signature bedding
  • 24 hour butler service, power and wi-fi
  • Indoor and outdoor showers
Luxury tent suite Accommodation
Fine Dining

Fine Dining-

Where and when you choose

Being presented with a choice of sumptuous a la carte dishes may seem extraordinary in the heart of the wilderness, yet our amazing chefs and trained, friendly service staff make it a daily pleasure. Eat whenever and wherever suits you, selecting from vegetarian, vegan and local cuisine menus, or options reflecting any special dietary needs.

To taste our haute cuisine for yourself, book a visit!

Haute cuisine in the Bush

The Camp are immensely proud of its restaurant. Why? Because it combines the warmth of its staff with characterful local construction, true comfort and excellent cuisine. Service is attentive, whether inside or overlooking a procession of salt lick wildlife from our deck. With a magical atmosphere day and night, dining at Mara Bushtops is an integral part of an unforgettable experience.
Fine dining

Fine Wines

The Bushtops hidden cellar

Most guests are astonished to find a large, fully-stocked wine cellar lies beneath our restaurant. Surprise soon turns to delight as they explore world-famous wines from South Africa, France, and beyond, including exclusive vintages from private vineyards. We use ancient charcoal and evaporation refrigeration to keep the wine in optimum condition – until you are ready to add an unexpected treat to a perfect evening.

fully-stocked wine cellar
Water hole

Water Hole

Overlooking our salt lick

Every Safari camp dreams of having its own water hole, but few include a salt lick. The restaurant and camp fire at Mara Bushtops overlook this natural gathering point for herbivores (and their predators). As a result, our guests enjoy one of Africa’s most enchanting locations for eating, drinking and gazing – open mouthed and wide eyed – at an almost constant parade of wildlife.

Mara bushtops waterhole


Mara Bushtops Activities

Early Morning Game Drive

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Getting up early for work is a chore, but starting early in the Bush is a wonder! It’s when you’re likely to find the Mara at its most active.As the sun rises (around 6.30 am) we escort you to reception, where your truck awaits you, complete with a welcoming ranger and spotter, warm blanket and hot water bottle.

Early Morning Game  drives

The short hop to the national park is a game drive in itself. Then, as we weave along barely visible tracks through the Mara, herds of herbivores come into view. Subtle light plays across the landscape as you hear the joyous sounds of awakening birds. Early morning is a great time to spot predators – especially lions, cheetah and leopards, each of which prefers to hunt in the cool of dawn and dusk.

Before you know it, sleepiness gives way to alert excitement as the day begins to unfold. If you are having breakfast in the Bush, you may go on to explore further, spotting big cats slumbering beneath bushes, elephants, giraffe and an array of flora and fauna too long to list here.

If however this is a short expedition, you’ll return to camp for a late breakfast, perhaps by the saltlick. Your day has just begun, so you face the most pleasant of tough decisions: a guided walk, a swim, a Spa session – or downtime in your tent.


A new day in the Mara

For those who want to make the most of every minute, a short trip into our Conservancy to watch night turn into day is a must. We take our positions just before sun-up, arming you with something hot and tasty, before sushine floods the horizon. As nature paints its lightshow over the Mara, and animals greet the dawn, you witness what your distant ancestors also saw, reconnecting over the millennia. Then, as you contemplate your place in the world, the rest of the day’s adventures are ready to begin…

Sunrise ta Mara Bushtops
Sunrise on Safari with Private Bush Breakfast

Sunrise on Safari

Picture an early morning wake-up call, followed by a drive into the wilderness. Then, as the sun rises and light floods the landscape, you hop down from your truck to survey a wonderland. Your table awaits you. No fellow diners: just you, our chef and your driver, with a hot meal and glass of bubbly alongside delicious buffet delicacies. The cost is 50USD per person – but the experience is priceless. Book in advance to make it a reality!

Your private Bush Breakfast

A full day on Safari

A full day on Safari

For most of our guests, their safari highlight is the full day game drive – a red letter day in a short stay and a repeated pleasure on longer visits.

To make the most of the adventure, we leave at 7am, heading from the camp conservancy to the Masai Mara Game Reserve, some 25 minutes away. We make getting underway easy for you, with an early breakfast served in your tent or the restaurant, as you prefer. This helps to ease your transition from blissful sleep into the delights of a full day’s safari adventure.

Mara Bushtops Full day game drive start with breakfast served at your Luxury tent

On the road is where our fully-equipped open-sided 4×4 Landcruisers come into their own: there is no better way to cross the Mara plains in search of wildlife, or maximise spotting opportunities. By midday it can become very hot indeed (sun-block lotion, sunglasses and hats are advised), so we make a stop for lunch under the shade of an Acacia tree, or overlooking the snorting hippos which wallow in the Mara River.

As the afternoon draws to a close and the temperature cools, the shadows lengthen and the Bush changes once more. Evening sightings of rhino are not uncommon on the way back to camp. Even a bad day is a good day in the Mara, since undoubtedly you will have encountered animals, birds and landscapes that are completely new to you.

Night Game Drive

Into the Darkness

One of the most unusual yet marvellous benefits of operating our own Conservancy is being able to arrange night game drives. When the sun sets across Mara Bushtops, nature shuffles her deck, revealing new players and dramas under the moonlit skies.

Mara bushtops Activities-Night Game Drives

Spotting predators & prey:

A night game drive is a wonderful opportunity to spot predators and prey alike. The lights of our 4x4s illuminate an unseen world, unknown even to experienced safari adventurers. Spotting the shy nocturnal creatures who scuttle, feed and fight their way through the Bush at night can be every bit as exotic and exciting as sighting larger mammals during the day.

 Seeing in the dark-

Our sharp-eyed Masai spotters may seem able to see in the dark, but are aided by night torches and spotlights (using filters, so as not to alarm the animals they illuminate). Our specially converted car is equipped with a heat-seeking night-vision camera known as a ‘flir’, whose infra-red images are relayed to screens on the seatbacks ahead of you.

Worlds above

Guests need only look up to discover another wonder – a night sky unobscured by light pollution. Galaxies of stars fill vast skies, adding yet another unexpected and rare dimension to life in the Bush

Afternoon game drive Exploring a private Conservancy

Exploring our private Conservancy

At around 4pm, we like to explore our own Conservancy – the grounds surrounding Mara Bushtops. The cooling temperature brings out predators, so there is always a chance that you will encounter a kill, perhaps fought over by packs of hyenas, jackals and other scavengers. Whether luck is with you or not, we can guarantee sightings of at least some of the untamed creatures who roam these lands – each fully adapted to its wild surroundings.

Afternoon gamedrives

Expect the unexpected

Sometimes nature’s dramas take place right in front of our camp, but an afternoon game drive takes us to the action rather than expecting it to come to us. Whether witnessing a life and death struggle or simply the stately progress of antelope, zebra and topis, each is juxtaposed against the impossible beauties of the African sunset. As nature’s ever-changing palette streaks the sky and landscape with orange, red and gold, this is about as good as life gets.

Anticipating Sunset

At the end of each afternoon’s drive, your guide will have planned ahead, stopping in good time to prepare sundowners. Choose from a selection of drinks, ease back in your chair and watch light shift to dark, heat give way to the chill, and another day at Mara Bushtops fade towards a close.

Private Sundowners

Private Sundowners

It’s a classic moment, immortalized in films, fantasies and a million great safari adventures: watching the sun set over the African bush. There’s simply nothing like it, for reconnecting with nature, as day turns to night. As the sun slips from view and the clouds flood the horizon with colour, we complete your evening game drive in our private Conservancy by installing you in the perfect spot, complete with cocktail, bonfire and good company. As the sounds of the night start to take over, the cares of the world will never have seemed so far away!

Private Sundowners
Masai Village Visit to Meet our Local Partners

Meet our Local Partners

We highly recommend a visit to a Masai manyatta (village), to gain a rare insight into one of Africa best-known traditional cultures. Our relationship with local tribal elders has built trust and an agreement to allow us privileged access to authentic living history, perpetuated in the villages which border and share our private conservancy.

Activities at Mara Bushtops-A Local Masai Village Visit

A village visit opens the door on a unique way of life and set of traditions. Your ranger will drive you to the village where Masai warriors and women ceremoniously receive you as a respected visitor. Having been introduced, a Masai host will give you a tour of the manyatta, explaining the lifestyle and what lies inside one of the huts. Your ranger and spotter remain with you throughout the experience to help with communications. As a standalone visit, or in combination with a visit to the Kakiya cave, this is a wonderful way to reconnect with a living culture – one that links all of us to our shared African past.

  • Village is 15-minute drive from our camp
  • Each visit lasts approximately two hours
  • Opportunity to browse Masai artefacts (with no pressure to buy)
  • 25 USD per person charge goes directly to the community
  • Option to then visit Kakiya cave
A hidden gem

A hidden gem

We’re used to surprises in the Bush, but sometimes we get left open-mouthed. We had been running Mara Bushtops for 10 years before discovering that our Conservancy held a secret: the Kakiya cave.

Mara bushtops Activities-A visit to Kakayi Cave

Walking Safaris-Explore our Conservancy on foot

Explore our Conservancy on foot

One of the many advantages of being located in our own private lands is being able to run walking safaris directly from the camp. All you need is good walking shoes and a sense of adventure.

Walking safaris at Mara Bushtops

A choice of six walks

Your qualified guide will bring you to within a safe distance of impala herds, zebra and sometimes giraffe, explaining the tracks, markings, droppings and plant life around you, whilst adding insights into Masai culture. You may never get closer to nature at its most raw and unspoiled!

  • Select from 6 walks (all included in your stay with us)
  • Your safety is assured by an armed ranger, naturalist guide and Masai warrior
  • A following vehicle adds further reassurance and security
Ballooning over the Mara

An Aerial experience like no other

Imagine: a balloon, framed against the rising sun, overlooking vast herds across Africa’s wide horizons. To share such a transformative moment, you’ll leave Mara Bushtops in the early hours, so as to be airborne as dawn breaks. As you level out over the Masai Mara, a panoramic view touches the heart and quickens the senses.

after roving the skies, you land for a Bush champagne breakfast, before heading off for a game drive or returning to camp, having experienced the world from a whole new perspective.

  • Please book in advance (so we can confirm with balloon company)
  • Pick up from Mara Bushtops circa 4.30am
  • Astonishing views of the Mara
  • Flights last around an hour
  • Champagne breakfast included
  • US$450-$500 per person
  • Weather dependent
Local School Visit

Education is the greatest gift – and helping out a local school is very much part of the Bushtops way. It’s fundamental to our belief that luxury safaris must go hand in hand with care for the land, its wildlife and the communities who were there long before us.

Sample our Safari Itineraries to Mara Bushtops

Mara Bushtops Camp Rates

Non Resident Mara Bushtops 2023 Rates in US$ Per Person Per Night

2024 Rates
Per Person Shared
Younger than 18
Green Season
1 Apr – 31 May
High Season
6 Jan – 31 Mar, 1 Jun – 30 Jun, 1 Nov – 20 Dec
Peak Season
21 Dec 22 – 5 Jan 23, 1 Jul – 31 Oct

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Prices above are displayed in USD for game package including full board and do not include park and concession fees

Included in the Rates are:-

Rates are quoted in USD, per person per day inclusive of all taxes (taxes are subject to change).

Ground package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Storytime in the Bush
  • Full board (all meals a la carte). Private dining in your tent whenever you wish
  • 2 game drives per day or full day game drive with pic nic lunch. All our game drives are conducted in open converted 4×4’s and accompanied by a professional Ranger and local Masai spotter.
  • Airstrip transfers
  • Sun downer and night game drive (we have a heat seeking night vision camera “flir”)
  • Walking safari accompanied by an armed ranger
  • Laundry
  • Complimentary wifi
  • All non alcoholic drinks, beers, house wines and selected house spirits
  • Complimentary membership to our on-site, multiple award winning Amani African Spa Village which includes use of the solar heated infinity pool, cold pool, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and gym (fees apply for treatments)
Mara Bushtops Family Bathroom

Excluded in the Rates are:-

Private Conservancy and park fees which are payable daily (USD 80.— Conservancy and USD 80.— Park fees in 2023 and USD 100.— from January to June 2024 and USD 200.— from July to December 2024

Tent Dining at Mara bushtops

Special Offers

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